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04 Sep 2013 
For worktops and countertops, those who are produced from different kinds of stones are highly recommended. That is mainly due to their sturdy quality, which make them last for a very long time. Therefore, in case you are searching for a good investment for your home and work-stations, then this could be a good one. However, if you believe your choices of designs and styles will be too limited, you're absolutely wrong. It is because there are already a great number of forms of stones that you can choose from. Three of the most popular sorts of rock worktops are silestones, granite and marble.

Silestone Tops: Certainly one of the different varieties of worktops created from stone that you could buy is the how much is silestone. It is also a popular choice among several homeowners due to its advantages. Since it is specifically produced from natural quartz, what this means is that its surface is incredible resistant from scratches and stains. In addition to that, it dramatically has a low water assimilation stage too. More over, yet another plus side to this kind of rock worktops is its usefulness. It comes in 60 colors, three finishes and various platforms. Most significantly, it's an anti-bacterial security features too.

Granite Tops: When we hear about cost of quartz vs granite, the first term that'll normally come to our thoughts might both be 'tough' or 'difficult.' This is basically because through the years, this form of stone was like the symbol of resilience. Consequently, it has been among the ideal choices of many homeowners out there for their kitchen worktops. This will come in a very variety of designs too. Among the options that you can select from include these in Absolute Black, Angola Black, Nero Impala, Kashmir White, Emerald Pearls, in addition to Azul Platino and many more.

More information are available on this website.

Marble Tops: Another type of stone kitchen worktops as you are able to purchase is the one created from marbles. There is nothing that may overcome a normal marble worktop, In regards to elegance. There are numerous special styles as possible buy. Nevertheless, while it might look beautiful, it has some setbacks too. One of these is the fact that it's smoother than the other kinds of stones. Therefore, what this means is that it's less resilient also. This is also the reasons why worktops created from marble aren't advised for countertops in kitchen. Nonetheless, it is perfect for vanity tops and mantle pieces.

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04 Sep 2013 
This informative article silestone price comparison should allow you to determine which stone substance to refinish your countertops, backsplash, bathroom counter if not your floor with. We shall look at both areas totally but fundamentally in the end you must decide. It is your surface we're discussing here so let us get going on Silestone compared to Granite!

First a little history on both.


What's Silestone? Silestone is a naturally occurring quartz. It's known for its strength and beauty, which is why it's so awesome for building kitchen silestone countertops with. Quartz alone is one of the hardest naturally occurring vitamins anyway. The only thing harder will be sapphires, topaz and obviously diamonds. It's extremely scratch-resistant, that will be another reason for applying it in these programs of bathrooms, kitchens, floors and so on.

It is also heat resistant and stain resistant. Maybe not bad when utilizing for your countertops! Silestone is non-porous quartz with a bacteria-fighting agent called bacteriostatic. Bacteriostatic repels the active development of microbes and bacteria. Clean-ups are a snap due to the hard, non-porous surface of silestone.

Silestone will come in some certainly beautiful designs and colors making it ideal for the modern, high-end kitchen. It's 100% natural and is analyzed for Radon that will be an odorless, colorless radioactive gas. This gas could cause caners but Silestone continues to be shown to be at virtually zero or in truth 100% zero in traces in trace amounts in certain cases.


Granite is a naturally-occurring rock found in Continental Plates throughout the planet. The granite surface is durable and extremely hard so it is normally good option for countertops and construction projects for the house and industrial settings. It is a medium course textured stone. They are typically found to come in greys and pinks for its hue. It will include about 20% quartz. The title granite hails from the Latin term for 'Grain', called therefore for its program grain appearance and feel.

It is reflective but may certainly be scratched, broken or damaged. Perhaps not quickly but when selecting the next kitchen or bathroom DIY challenge, please make sure you know this. It's normal defenses from agencies including mold and mildew making it wonderful for granite countertops.

Silestone vs Granite Charges

Silestone compared to Granite, which area you choose could rely on the value you want to or are willing to pay. Typically Silestone can cost around $60 per-square foot vs. Granit can run-you everywhere form $35-$50 but is normally around $40 per sq. Foot. So granite is a tiny bit cheaper in price.

Silestone versus Granit Color varieties

Silestone comes available in just more than 50 shades, patterns and styles. This consists of the luxurious leather silestone. Granite wins at more than 120 shades, patterns and styles.

Silestone compared to Granit cleaning

On cleaning (Silestone vs Granite) we've to give to Silestone in this category. It wins out due to its non-porous normal surface. Granite on the other-hand has to be covered from the producer. There is also some maintenance preservation engaged to routinely reseal its surfaces. Silestone remains near maintenance-free in this department. So comes out a mind

More information are available on this article.

The Round-Up

Ok, therefore typically you'd need to make your choice based off cleaning, resilience and price. Appeal and style also play a factor in making your decision. So the success of the is quartz cheaper than granite throw-down? We're going to have to get Silestone as the success by just a bit. Silestone has quartz in it so it's extremely hard and tough. This plays a major issue with surfaces, countertops and bathroom surfaces. We loved the variations and the choices of colors available together with silestone looked very magnificent to the eye. It wipes very easy and is scratch and heat resistant. It has bacteriostatic which repels the development of bacteria and germs. It is maintenance free in most cases and it's near the same cost-per square foot (depending on where you get it obviously) as granite in most cases.

We hope you liked our post on Silestone vs Granite. The throwdown!

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04 Sep 2013 
So you want to improve your kitchen or bathroom with a new counter-top, but you're unsure what your options are. Chances are you've been aware of marble and granite. All things considered, they have been used for myriad development functions for centuries and you usually see marble and granite countertops in luxury homes.

But how about Silestone...isn't it much better than granite?

Well, this will depend on what you think is better. Nevertheless, Silestone and other designers of manufactured quartz stone counter-tops, for example Zodiaq and Cambria would have you imagine their product is a substantial upgrade from granite.

Engineered stone counter-tops are a man-made solution that mixes quartz present in granite with a resin to make a surface with properties nearly identical to granite. Silestone and all the others make basically the same product, which is widely viewed as an excellent countertop surface.

Nevertheless, these firms decide to try to make mountains out of molehills in an effort to sell their product and compete against granite which will be and has bee the most popular and proven surface type.

Fantasy #1: Sealing granite is a horrible, filthy job.

This matter has been blown way out of proportion with marketing. It's usually listed as a benefit and one could get the feeling that granite is defective and should be sealed with over and over to protect it.

True, there isn't to implement a granite wax to a manufactured stone countertop. And hey, that is great, but applying a granite wax is actually a very simple and rare 'wipe on, wipe off' procedure. It is not a major job and for all practical purposes it is not a determining factor when comparing Silestone vs. granite.

Also, it generally does not take a closet full of special chemicals to defend your granite and keep its luster as Cambria and other engineered rock countertop producers recommend on their websites. Hi, to their credit they're just trying to successfully market their product.

A small secret about most granite.. . .

You could do nothing but wipe it with a sponge for years and it would still look gorgeous. Minimal, simple preservation conducted routinely can, but, give you peace of mind and draw out the best in your granite and natural rock. And the same may be said about quartz. Cleaning and treatment is equally simple for either surface.

Fantasy #2: Again with the sealing.

You could also read that you should seal granite to maintain it's shiny polish. Incorrect. Sealing is for stain resistance. Both artificial and natural rock counter-tops are polished by buffing and grinding the surface in to a clean sparkle.

Fantasy #3: Granite contains bacteria.

Silestone also tries to maintain their product avoids bacteria while granite 'harbors' bacteria. This can be absolutely false. Studies show that both granite and quartz are among the safest and cleanest surfaces on the industry today, but one is not superior to the other.

So Which Counter-top Is Best?

Well, once you remove the nonsense and you recognize that man-made quartz countertops and granite perform equally well and that the care and cleaning of each area is actually the same, the selection between granite and Silestone, Cambria, Zodiaq or other quartz counter-tops usually boils down to color, sample and perceived value for most buyers.

Color and Value

Granite enjoys a greater 'prestige' due to it is normal uniqueness and is consequently, of greater value in the minds on most homeowners and consumers. New granites seriously the industry all the time from different countries delivering hundreds and possibly 1000s of different colors and designs to choose from.

The is quartz cheaper than granite and other engineered rock companies offer 20-50 shade possibilities which have essentially the same repetitive pebbled appearance. The benefit here is the fact that you never have a problem matching a pattern or color at a seam, which occasionally is a problem with granite. Needless to say, you may end up with the very same countertop as each slab is exclusive as your friend, that will maybe not happen with granite.

More details can be found on this article.

Therefore, whether you select engineered stone or granite you will get a superb countertop surface. Just don't listen to all the marketing hype and pick your product-based on which color and pattern you prefer best.

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